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  • Light Versus Dark

    These are the rules for the multiplayer mode Light Versus Dark.

    • 1 Players are divided into two teams of three, the Light Team and the Dark Team. Each player chooses a weapon from their collection, and every weapon has a certain value.
    • 2 The two sides engage in battle! When a player is defeated, their side's Team Life Gauge is reduced according to the value of the weapon the player was using.
    • 3 When a the Team Life Gauge reaches zero, the last player to be defeated comes back as a an angel who is far stronger than the normal Fighter. The angel is Pit for the Light Team and Dark Pit for the Dark Team.
    • 4 If you can defeat the other team's angel, you win.

    The Last to Fall Becomes an Angel

    Angels like Pit are much more powerful than other characters, but must still be treated with care. Lose your angel and it's all over for your team!

    You've got to decide whether to go for the other team's angelic warrior or try your best to defend your own. The best strategy will depend on your own and your opponents' weapons, the stage, etc.

    Weapon Values

    The weapons that appear throughout the game have various characteristics and attributes, such as range, power, etc.

    The better weapons cost more to make. Using these costly weapons in battle will give you a better chance of winning - but remember that your Team Life Gauge will decrease a lot more if you are taken out!

    Remember: it's important to have a good balance of weapons within your team.

  • Free-for-All

    These are the rules for the Free-for-All multiplayer mode:

    • 1 You are fighting against all other players. The number of players is set between 2-6. The CPU will control any non-human players.
    • 2 Choose your weapons and powers, and let battle commence!
    • 3 Defeat an enemy and your score will increase. The value of the weapons they are carrying dictates the extent to which your score will increase. If you are defeated by an enemy, your score will decrease.
    • 4 The battle ends when the times runs out. The player with the highest score is the winner!

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