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  • Daybreak

    Collect the three parts and assemble them to put together the immensely powerful weapon known as "Daybreak". Though its mighty blasts can penetrate any terrain, it can only be fired once.

    In "Light Versus Dark" battles, the three parts are collected as a team, with the player who collects the third part being the one who gets to fire the weapon.

    screenshotPart A
    screenshotPart B
    screenshotPart C
    screenshotCan this single blast change the course of a battle?
  • Medusa's Head

    A soft toy in the shape of Medusa's head. It fires a beam that indiscriminately petrifies everyone within range. It is positioned in the same way as a stationary gun turret, so it is important to think carefully about the direction it faces.

    screenshotMedusa heads will petrify the ones who placed them, too.
  • Shrinky Bean

    Eating this bean immediately makes you very small, making it much harder for enemies to hit you. Attack power and movement speed are not really affected, making this item potentially very useful.

    screenshotYou will be reduced to half your usual size.
  • Icy Aura

    This item surrounds its owner in crystals of ice that freeze anyone who touches them. Should you get frozen, slide the Circle Pad around frantically to free yourself.

    screenshotFrozen enemies make for easy targets.
  • Cyclone

    An item which produces a mighty whirlwind that sucks enemies in towards its core. Those who make contact with the core suffer heavy damage, and are thrust into the air.

    screenshotThose caught in whirlwinds are spun around and lose their sense of direction.
  • Atlas Foot

    The weapon known as the "Atlas Club" may depict the mighty god's arm, but this item brings his enormous foot stomping down onto the battlefield, repeatedly squashing any enemies that are in front of you.

    screenshotIt is not really Atlas's foot, apparently.
  • Grenade

    Hung from the waist when picked up, and thrown by pressing the attack button. This orthodox weapon causes a huge explosion to engulf the area in which it lands. Note that the yellow color of your reticle means you are able to throw an item by pressing the attack button.

    screenshotDo be careful not to blow yourself up.
  • Jump Bomb

    Though it may look like a spring, this is actually a bomb. Getting caught in this item's airflow will forcefully launch a player high into the air. You can also throw it at your feet, should you wish to perform an enormous jump.

    screenshotUseful for both movement and attacking.

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