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How To Play

Pit's adventure will take him through various types of challenges. Chapters are broken up by Air and Land Battles, each ending with an epic boss battle.


Descent into Battle

Each Chapter begins with Palutena transporting Pit from Skyworld to the battle location. Palutena temporarily grants Pit the power of flight to make his way through the Air Battle, battling fierce flying foes all the while. Pit will need to master aerial movement, aiming, and shooting skills to reach the Land Battle.


Land-Based Challenges

While in Land Battle, Pit's aiming and shooting skills become vital—along with close-range combat and nimble ground-based movement.


Epic Boss Fights

Once Pit has made his way thorugh the battlefield, a fearsome boss will be waiting for him. Pit must come out triumphant to move on to the next challenge.



Pit's three main actions are movement via the Circle Pad, aiming via the touch screen, and attacking using the L Button. You can also customize the controls in a variety of ways to suit your specific play style.

Walk / Fly

The Circle Pad lets Pit move around the battlefield and in the air. Hold forward to walk quickly through your surroundings.


Quickly nudge the Circle Pad forward to dash, then hold it down to run at a brisk pace. Be careful not to tire yourself out.


Dodging is a skill that is vital to Pit's success. Quickly move the Circle Pad when enemies attack nearby to avoid them. Even large, devastating projectiles can be avoided.


Using the touch screen and stylus lets Pit aim anywhere on the screen. Once locked on, press L to fire. Even if your sights are slightly off from the target, attacks will be drawn to the enemy.

Change Direction

While in a ground battle, using the touch screen alter's Pit's aim and the direction he is facing as he walks. A quick swipe of the stylus will also make him do an about-face almost instantly.

Ranged Attack

Using the L button launches fire from Pit's cannon. Hold down the button for a steady stream of fire.

Charged Shot

Wait until Pit's cursor grows large to charge up a powerful shot. This shot can take down tough enemies with ease.


Get in close to your target to strike with a melee attack instead of a ranged tank. String these attacks together for combos that can devastate your foe.

Dash Attack

While in a Land Battle, a Dash Attack can be performed by pressing the L Button while dashing. These powerful attacks change depending on the direction and the type of weapon being used.

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