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  • Palutena's Army


    The leader of Palutena's personal guard: though he is young, he is the greatest warrior angel in Palutena's forces.

    While Pit has wings, they're just for decoration. Usually he can't fly—it's a bit of a touchy subject.

    Thankfully, Palutena can temporarily grant him the power of flight, which allows him to swoop and soar through the skies for up to five minutes. When that time runs out, he'll fall to the earth—so clear those airborne obstacles quickly.

  • Palutena's Army

    The Goddess Palutena

    The goddess of light and ruler of Skyworld, Palutena goes to great lengths to protect her people, and those who dwell on the surface lands below.

    She watches over Pit as he does battle, sending him messages telepathically and using her powers to help him.

  • Underworld Army


    Medusa, the Queen of the Underworld has returned - exactly 25 years after Pit last defeated her.

    Known for her serpentine hair and chilling gaze, Medusa's goal is nothing less than total domination...

  • Unaffiliated

    Dark Pit

    A mysterious black-winged angel. He can soar through the skies without being granted the power of flight—and seems determined to face Pit in battle.

  • Unaffiliated


    The most powerful human warrior of all, with a mighty sword that lets him make short work of the Underworld monsters.

    As a member of a roaming mercenary group, he has triumphed in countless brutal missions.

    He appears to have some kind of connection to the Dark Lord Gaol.

  • Space Pirates

    Space Pirates

    The Space Pirates are a clan who soar through the galactic skies, hunting constellations.

    The blade on the bow of their pirate ship severs the constellations' cords, and their anchor snatches up the stars.

    Any celestial bodies they collect are stored deep within their ships, either to be sold for a price, or to provide power for the Space Pirate fleet.

  • Space Pirates

    Space Pirates Crew

    Around 80% of the crew is made up of ordinary Space Pirates: these crew members are yellow in color, and on top of making Pit's life difficult on the battlefield, it's their job to look after the ship.

    The black-armored Space Pirate Snipers use cannons and excel at medium-ranged attacks, while Space Pirate Commandos are green and equipped with powerful grenade launchers. The blasts from these will envelop Pit and anything else nearby, so exercise caution.

See All Characters

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